Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Ever Transition Contact Lenses

The Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology has recently invented special transition contact lenses. These special contact lenses will allow consumers everywhere to enjoy both their protection from the outside sun, while also still keeping in their everyday much needed contact prescriptions all in one.

The Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) in Singapore created these first ever transition contacts, easing all of these switching and complicated changing transitions.

For years now, transition glasses have existed that darken in bright light, thus to act similar to a pair of sunglasses. Though IBN is truly responsible for the first ever transition contacts that far pass what transition glasses could once do.

The transition lenses change and darken in bright light. The lenses are able to adapt due to special photochromic dyes that change shape when exposed to sunlight.
Say goodbye to the days of switching between two different pairs of glasses, or even the complicated switch between the permanent eye contact lenses and a much needed pair of sunglasses the second you step outside.

Though this without a doubt is a very neat invention, since IBN it makes life a whole lot easier, it on the other hand makes life a whole lot less fashionable. As Americans, we really do love our sunglasses and the flashy, unique, and fashion forward- or complete fashion reverse in some cases- they bring us.

It will be interesting to see how many individuals make the switch to these transition contact lenses or instead remain old school and stick to the regular routine switch of contact lenses and sunglasses.

In the Butt Monthly Shots

Birth Control. It’s without a doubt an important thing to consider in any wise partner relationship. Though in most circumstances, a lot of the pressure relies on the woman to produce it. That is until now.

When it comes to contraception, women definitely have their wide spread pick of different techniques, prescriptions, and even cheap pharmacy purchases. All these ways to pump the crazy amount of excess hormones come in the form of pills, patches, shots, a ring, or surgical implantation. And until now, the only options men had to turn to were condoms, and at rare times, vasectomy surgery.

For years now, there have been up and coming techniques and ideas thrown about for how males can start to do their part in the contraceptive sharing. Yet not too many of them had success. However a new study and new drug has had great effects so far! Could this be the answer we’ve all been looking for?

In this recent large scale clinical trial, if men are willing to put up with the once a month injection, it successfully put their sperm on hold. With such a great and low failure rate of only 1.1 in 100 couples, it is comparable and possibly even on the track to produce better success rates than current most popular form of contraception- the condom.

Now, the question is, how many men are really willing to put up with these “in the butt” monthly shots? Scientists hope the answer is many.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wifi Signals Now Detect Your Neighbors

New discoveries show that wifi signals can produce more than just a successful high speed internet signal. They are now able to produce signals showing room occupancies.

Scientists say this new discovery, of being able to tell if a room is occupied by a person during a given time, is possible due to radio waves transmitted through the wifi signal.

Researchers at the University of Utah made this discovery recently, and hope to continue with their progress. So far, the team is only able to detect and see through a maximum of three-feet of wall depth. And as far as “people watching” goes, they are only able to detect through-the-wall neighbors when sensory motion occurs. These motions then activate the radio waves, which activate the signals.

But unfortunately, nothing as detailed as say an actual picture of the neighbor can be generated… not yet.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Robot Car Companion

With all the new technologies being built into cars now a days, including power steering and an email setting to tell you when your oil is low, it’s a crazy to think that there is possibly any other car devices left to be created. One of the only possible exceptions being a responsive human-like friend to sit in the front seat with you.
That is until now. Researchers at MIT and Audi have now created what they are calling: The Affective Intelligent Driving Agent in order to fix that exact exception.

MIT and Audi have created a new device that can actually communicate with the driver, much like a companion in the front seat. Though, this new talkative friend can conveniently fit right on top of the dashboard. n

AIDA is currently being further developed even further to read drivers' moods via their facial expressions and body language. Researchers hope that the device will then be able to respond to the expressions and signs along the lines of proper and acceptable social contexts. Examples of such human-like responses from this AIDA robot includes: communicating back with a smile, the blink of an eye, and even the drooping of its head.

Real Life Noisemaking Baby Dolls For Sale

On November 10th, Nintendo releases its new Wii controller and game combo: a crying, screaming, life-like baby.

As if the new teen pregnancy shows popping up all over popular cable TV channels and interactive baby dolls that pee and eat fake plastic foods weren’t enough.

Nintendo’s new Wii controller, also known as the wiimote-powered doll, is titled “Baby and Me.” As if the idea and toy title isn’t creepy enough, there is also writing on the box with the throw in advertised comment, “bring your baby to life with your wii remote.”

The wii-mote works by connection to the plastic doll’s gapped back. Once connected anyone within a 30-feet radius will be able to hear it’s robotic and programmed laughs, gurgles and cries through its tiny baby speaker.

In addition to the natural− or un-natural programmed sounds, however you wish to think of it− “Baby and Me” also offers games. Now young toddlers and elementary-school-aged kids will be able to feel like real mom’s more than ever not only through the games and activities that include feeding the baby, hugging it and playing kid-like games, but now there is even a program for television simulation. the simulation will allow for the young moms-to-be to see themselves rocking a virtual baby on the screen.

What happened to the good old days where a cheap, plastic, blond Barbie was enough to satisfy kid's minds and happiness?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bill O'Reilly Flips Out — DANCE REMIX

I love this video...

Hardwire Film Leaked FOR A GOOD REASON!

Sorry for anyone who watched this.. i had to turn it off after 20 mins... horrible movie!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hardwire Film Leaked!

To anyone like me, who loves a good movie, I noticed today that the film Hardwire is on After watching the trailer on youtube I thought it would be worth watching, it looks pretty interesting.

Just some background information about, I ran into this site last year, most notably when the unfinished xMen movie was leaked, and there quality and content is top notch. I would also recommend using if your ever searching for movies online.