Monday, September 21, 2009

DX Express Make Over - A welcome change

Although this post is not technology related, I believe any pro-active change is worth noting.
As long as your not a freshman you might have noticed DX Express got quite the make over, a change I welcome with open arms. For anyone who has visited DX express this year will notice the sleek design of the New DX Express.

For starters the area where students debate which food is going to fill their tummy has expanded... well maybe not expanded but the equipment in this area has been moved around, if not completely removed, allowing more room for people like me, no I'm not fat, I just can never make up my mind. So now there is more room so what? Well besides the rearrangement, that area is clean and modern looking.

Not only has the food purchasing area undergone a change, the area where hungry students eat has been completely overhauled. This area also makes use of friendly, efficient seating unlike the old area, that left little room for people to sit and enjoy their meal.

Kudos to you DX Express for taking an eye sore and turning it into eye candy! And for the 32"+ Lcd Tv's!

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