Monday, September 21, 2009

Macs not living up to their name!

Are Mac's really as great as they claim?

The short answer is no, although I already have preference for a well rounded PC over a mac, I can say with confidence Macs aren't as great as they should be, at least for the price, and the claims you see on TV.

In the last month I have had more problems with Mac's than I have my whole life. First my friend Kathleen with a Mac Book Pro, could not get past an error screen demanding she restart. In a effort to help her, I opened up the Mac to get to the hard drive, which is not an easy task considering most PC laptop Hard drives are only a screw away.

After spending a good hour plus getting to the Mac's hard drive, I still could not access the file system without more headache and at this point I had to much work to go on.

Second, my roommate Harley had an "expanding battery" problem.. say what?!?!?!
Yes the battery in his Mac Book Pro had some how expanded, and because this is not a good thing he removed his battery and waiting on a replacement. Meanwhile Harley is running his Mac on AC power without the battery. No problem right? WRONG! Because of some BS (at least in my opinion) he is running on only one processor apparently because the AC adapter might/cant support the power consumption of both processors.
WHOA! Never had an expanding battery problem on a PC.

Third and Fourth, when writing data to a DVD I am given no option to continue writing on the disc after burning or finalize the disc. What this means is that after burning 1gb worth of data on a 4+ GB blank DVD you may not add more. Way to waste 3gb+ of free space Mr.Mac. Not only are the options limited when burning, I cant prevent the "verifying process" which doubles the time it takes to "complete" the task. SO.... if your like me you cancel the verifying process... which then freezes the drive and you cant get the flipping disc out. Great... now I have to restart. Way to go MAC!

In the end macs are still a decent computer, especially if your like the majority of people who use their computer for just a few things like checking e-mail, browsing the web, writing documents, and listening to music. BUT! If your doing little more than the basic things like listed above why... WHY spend $1000 to $2000 George Washington's on a laptop, when a PC for under $600 could do all the same basic things perfectly fine?

-Aaron Bitler

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