Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Macs at Math Empo automatically download music from Pandora!!

Yea! Wow!
I am more than excited to share my experience at the Math Emporium with you! Today while studying for my Rhetoric Tradition exam which is tomorrow, I did what a lot of you may do and that is listen to music.

Listening to music for me has always been a pain, First I am not very good at finding good music nor very good at finding new music, Second: I like the iPod, but uploading music to it was a pain, I'm not a big fan of iTunes... I know.. I know its not that hard but the less steps I have to take the better.

Did I mention I am not very good at finding new/good music? That's why I use . Basically is a website that plays steaming music to your computer, but it only plays music you like, so if you like Mrs.Officer by Lil Wayne Pandora will only play music that is similar.

In all honesty I was surprised by how well Pandora was able to select music I liked, I liked almost everything it played. Also a feature I find especially useful when I have company over, s that Pandora will automatically play the next song on the list. SO, you can start Pandora and leave it alone and it automatically plays music, NICE, no more searching for songs in my library.

ANYWAYS! Today while in the Math Emporium I was listening to Pandora when I noticed on the right that Real Player (an application) had a number on its icon. So I click on it and what do ya know, It automatically was downloading Pandora's music files (as FLV)!!!

THIS WAS GREAT! At home, on my windows machine, I had been using Orbit, a streaming downloader application, which requires a couple more steps to actually download the song.

Note: If you use Orbit to download streaming music from pandora, the files will be in MOV format not FLV, and at least for me the extension was not added onto the files.. FYI: I was trying to convert my "unknown" filetype to mp3 or wav so that I could burn my songs onto a Audio CD.


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