Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the Butt Monthly Shots

Birth Control. It’s without a doubt an important thing to consider in any wise partner relationship. Though in most circumstances, a lot of the pressure relies on the woman to produce it. That is until now.

When it comes to contraception, women definitely have their wide spread pick of different techniques, prescriptions, and even cheap pharmacy purchases. All these ways to pump the crazy amount of excess hormones come in the form of pills, patches, shots, a ring, or surgical implantation. And until now, the only options men had to turn to were condoms, and at rare times, vasectomy surgery.

For years now, there have been up and coming techniques and ideas thrown about for how males can start to do their part in the contraceptive sharing. Yet not too many of them had success. However a new study and new drug has had great effects so far! Could this be the answer we’ve all been looking for?

In this recent large scale clinical trial, if men are willing to put up with the once a month injection, it successfully put their sperm on hold. With such a great and low failure rate of only 1.1 in 100 couples, it is comparable and possibly even on the track to produce better success rates than current most popular form of contraception- the condom.

Now, the question is, how many men are really willing to put up with these “in the butt” monthly shots? Scientists hope the answer is many.

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