Monday, November 9, 2009

Robot Car Companion

With all the new technologies being built into cars now a days, including power steering and an email setting to tell you when your oil is low, it’s a crazy to think that there is possibly any other car devices left to be created. One of the only possible exceptions being a responsive human-like friend to sit in the front seat with you.
That is until now. Researchers at MIT and Audi have now created what they are calling: The Affective Intelligent Driving Agent in order to fix that exact exception.

MIT and Audi have created a new device that can actually communicate with the driver, much like a companion in the front seat. Though, this new talkative friend can conveniently fit right on top of the dashboard. n

AIDA is currently being further developed even further to read drivers' moods via their facial expressions and body language. Researchers hope that the device will then be able to respond to the expressions and signs along the lines of proper and acceptable social contexts. Examples of such human-like responses from this AIDA robot includes: communicating back with a smile, the blink of an eye, and even the drooping of its head.

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