Monday, November 9, 2009

Real Life Noisemaking Baby Dolls For Sale

On November 10th, Nintendo releases its new Wii controller and game combo: a crying, screaming, life-like baby.

As if the new teen pregnancy shows popping up all over popular cable TV channels and interactive baby dolls that pee and eat fake plastic foods weren’t enough.

Nintendo’s new Wii controller, also known as the wiimote-powered doll, is titled “Baby and Me.” As if the idea and toy title isn’t creepy enough, there is also writing on the box with the throw in advertised comment, “bring your baby to life with your wii remote.”

The wii-mote works by connection to the plastic doll’s gapped back. Once connected anyone within a 30-feet radius will be able to hear it’s robotic and programmed laughs, gurgles and cries through its tiny baby speaker.

In addition to the natural− or un-natural programmed sounds, however you wish to think of it− “Baby and Me” also offers games. Now young toddlers and elementary-school-aged kids will be able to feel like real mom’s more than ever not only through the games and activities that include feeding the baby, hugging it and playing kid-like games, but now there is even a program for television simulation. the simulation will allow for the young moms-to-be to see themselves rocking a virtual baby on the screen.

What happened to the good old days where a cheap, plastic, blond Barbie was enough to satisfy kid's minds and happiness?

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